You Call The Shots: Call-In For ADC Reform

For background, please see this op-ed in Al Jazeera English.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 2011: National Call-In Day to the ADC: Keep the momentum going. Tell the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC): Change is Necessary.

Please call their office: 202-244-2990 between 9 AM and 5PM EST. on Wednesday June 29th.

Sample script:

My name is __________ and I am (an Arab American/an ally of the Arab American community/a civil rights advocate/past or present financial supporter of ADC). After what has happened with Malek Jandali and the growing distance between ADC and the Arab American community, I’m calling today to demand that ADC:

a.    Remove chairman Safa Rifka from the national board, because he has tainted the credibility of the organization and managed it through the organization’s decline.
b.     Institute major internal reforms in order to make ADC as representative of the Arab American community’s needs as possible.

Reforms that must be enacted are:

  • financial transparency
  • cutting ties with despotic regimes
  • democratic elections
  • public communications should reflect principles of human and civil rights
  • review and clarification of ADC’s relations with governmental agencies that openly curtail the civil liberties and dignity of Arab Americans.

(If you have any other concerns or comments, please voice them now) I also am concerned about…

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